Tanzania holiday inspiration

Tanzania is a country that offers unparalleled opportunities for a dream holiday. A safari to one or several of the magnificent wildlife parks and reserves is usually included as a central item on the itinerary. We will help you to assess your needs with respect to the level of luxury that will guarantee that your trip will be the unforgettable experience you want it to be. Do you prefer the closeness to nature of a tent or the comforts of civilization of a lodge or hotel accommodation? And would you like to end your holidays relaxing in luxury at the Zanzibar beach?

The package we will organize for you will be tailored to your personal needs and interests. This means that every trip will be different, which makes it hard to provide a sample trip itinerary. Nevertheless, in order to inspire you, we will try to give you some useful ideas.

Safari 'the highlights' and tropical Zanzibar

No visit to Tanzania would be complete without a safari. The rich abundance of wildlife in the national parks and reserves deserves every superlative. Makasa will give you a unique opportunity to interact with some of the world’s most magnificent animals on an intimate level in a stunning natural scenery that will surpass your wildest dreams. Here, you will feel the essence of Out of Africa. You will end your holidays relaxing at the beach.

Romantic Tanzania - Honeymoon!

Your honeymoon has to be special and Makasa will go that extra step to make it perfect. Be it a beach candlelight dinner just near the ocean, a sundowner in one of the safari parks or a balloon safari over Serengeti. Together with you we will plan your unforgettable honeymoon!

Safari with the family

Tanzania is a perfect destination for a family holiday. A combination of an active safari and a relaxing time on the beach is fun for parents as well as kids. Together with our three young children we have done many safaris and every safari shows again how children love the African bush!

The Great Migration

Serengeti National Park is famous for its abundance of leopards, cheetahs, lions and other large cats, but Serengeti’s reputation, first of all, is based on its famous migration. Approximately 1.5 million gnus, 200.000 zebras and 350.000 gazelles cover huge distances to find enough water and fresh green grass to survive.


Do you want to travel with a group of friends or a big family? Let us know your wishes and we will work with you to optimize your itinerary and set up the arrangements down to the finest detail.

The South of Tanzania and Zanzibar

If it is solitude, tranquility and peace of mind you are looking for, you may prefer to visit the South of Tanzania. This part of Tanzania truly is paradise for anyone who wants to experience what it must have been like to be an explorer.

Golf & Safari

The golf course at Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate is the first 18-hole championship golf course in Tanzania and is up to par with the most demanding international guidelines.

Personal advice about your Tanzania holiday?

If you are not sure yet about the details of your package, we will be happy to advise you. For further information, a customized itinerary, quotes or any other questions please contact us.

Personal advice

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