City tour

Stone Town is one of the few intact historical Swahili coastal trading towns of East Africa. Its myriad of small shops, mix of people, bustling markets and eateries, mosques, churches and Hindu temples combine and homogenize disparate elements of different cultures. You will visit the historical site, the bustling market, the House of Wonders, the Palace Museum and the site of the former slave market at the Anglican Cathedral Church. Enjoy the walking through the narrow streets to explore the carved Arab doors with brass studs, carved balconies, the old post office or the kanga market. 


Spice tour

Spices from Zanzibar are famous around the world, and a holiday to Zanzibar would be incomplete without a visit to the spice plantations. The sultan of Oman first introduced these kinds of plantations on the island in 1873. You will be overwhelmed by the abundance of botanical species growing in these gardens - exotic spices, fruits and vegetables. Many of the spices have medicinal properties and are still used by the local population to cure certain maladies. Savour different spices, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla or black pepper. Taste a variety of fruits ranging from the rose apple to the guava. Some rare plants like henna, perfume tree and lipstick tree are used for their value in preparing cosmetics. No trip to Zanzibar could be considered complete without a visit to one of these carefully selected spice farms.


Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani forest boasts an eclectic bio-diversity, with many strange and wonderful animals residing in. The forest is a home to the few remaining red colobus monkeys in the world which are the most famous inhabitants of the forest. They roam freely through the reserve and they can be viewed at close quarter. But keep your eyes open and you may be lucky enough to see Sunnis (small deer), chameleon or even leopard!! Later after the monkey visit, you will go for a walk on a mangrove board walk to visit different types of mangroves which are available on the Island. The different variety of birds can be spotted seasonally and many more forest inhabitants are ready to be discovered!


Dolphin trip

Journey to the south of the island where you will board a small motorized boat to go on your Dolphin Safari. You will also have the opportunity to swim and snorkel. It is possible to swim with them depending on the state of the ocean and how lucky you are in this globe.


Prison Island

Prison Island or Changuu Island is in the middle of the islands visible from Stone Town. The island has become a small tourist resort where you can relax, walk around to see the Giant Aldabra Tortoises and beautiful peacocks, or swim or snorkel around the coral reefs. The island is a former quarantine hospital in the last century; it has frangipani lined paths around the island where former patients took their evening walks. In 1883, a jail was built on the island, (thus its name “Prison Island”) but this was never used. Sultan Said brought giant tortoises here from the Seychelles around 1820. There is a restaurant housed in the old hospital for fresh cold drinks.


Chumbe Island

The trip takes you from the Mbweni Ruins hotel to the Marine Reserve surrounding Chumbe Island. The marine is protected and is in pristine condition. Many different types of marine life can be viewed whilst snorkeling. There is also a nature Sanctuary Trial around. On the island you can view ruins of an ancient mosque and a 19th century British Naval Lighthouse. An excellent sea food lunch is provided with drinks.


Dhow Sunset cruise

The Dhow is a traditional sailing boat, used for centuries for carrying cargo between Zanzibar and the Arabian Gulf. She has been converted into a beautifully restored sailing vessel which will give you an insight into the real Zanzibar. She is equipped with safety equipment, sunshade, snorkeling equipment and boarding ladder. She is approximately 40 feet long and a crew with enough experience will ensure your safety and comfort on board. Sit back and relax, enjoy the Zanzibar breezes and crystal clear turquoise water. Every day we offer a sunset cruise or an island hop including soft drinks.


Sandbank tour

Experience the way Livingstone felt discovering untouched land and sail away with us to magnificent sandbanks around the island of Unguja Zanzibar. Come on board our traditionally crafted dhows, put your feet up and allow our staff to pamper you as the Sultans of Zanzibar were once upon a time. Snorkel with your guide around the reef and discover a whole new underwater world with marine life and corals of brilliant colors. Tables are set on the golden sand where a lunch will await you. After lunch relax on the sand bank listening to the hush of waves lapping against the shore or discover more underwater life around it and listen to stories from our crews about sailing the seven seas. Karibu onboard with us for a day!


Restaurant The Rock

Rock Restaurant rises on a rock not distant from the shore of the beautiful Michanwi Pingwe beach. Eating at Rock Restaurant is an experience you can’t miss.

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